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Lin Howe Boosters raises funds to provide one-on-one and small-group Instructional Aide assistance in our kids' classrooms. 

Raised in Connecticut, Leanne Denelle earned her degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.  For the last 25 years she has worked as a psychiatric case manager in Connecticut, Massachusetts and L.A.  Leanne’s husband does the same work, and she occasionally helps him with cases.  “When working with people with mental illness you need to figure out the best way to connect with them and use teachable moments when they appear,” says Leanne.  “This experience definitely helps me work with our students.”  Leanne began working at Lin Howe in fall of 2015 as noon duty supervisor, and started as an IA in 2017.  “I decided to continue doing noon duty, so I am now on campus from morning announcements till pick up!”  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, baking, reading, live music and movies.  Leanne has two sons at Lin Howe.

Leanne Denelle

Meera Ichharam has been a resident of Culver City for 18 years. Prior to that she lived in South Africa, where she worked for HP South Africa as a software systems analyst. She has a B.S. with majors in Computer Science and Math.  Meera’s had a 13+ year relationship with Lin Howe as a parent, and now as an instructional assistant.  She does a lot of math, reading and writing intervention, working one-on-one or in small groups.  She finds the latter especially valuable: “Students who work in pairs stimulate and excite each other. They feed off each other’s enthusiasm.”  Meera considers herself to be very fortunate to be a part of Lin Howe’s "beautiful community of both parents & teachers.

Meera Ichharam

Rebecca Zubia has spent 7+ years as an IA at Lin Howe and, says Rebecca, “I love going to work each morning.”  Rebecca grew up in the Land of Enchantment and got her degree in Elementary Education from New Mexico State University.  When not working, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and her brand new baby, enjoying the many adventures Los Angeles provides.

Rebecca Zubia


The TK and Kinder classrooms are lucky to have their very own IA, Michelle Ocasio, who spends all her time supporting our youngest Vikings.

Michelle Ocasio

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