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Marlene Gaines is Lin Howe’s very own full-time reading intervention specialist… a position co-funded by the Boosters. In addition to reading intervention, Marlene has been working with Meera Ichharam (a Booster-funded instructional aide) to pilot a new math intervention program at Lin Howe. The result: over half of the students who needed extra reading and math help during the first trimester have since been “exited” back to their classrooms, now meeting or exceeding their grade-level benchmarks. 


“One of my students struggled in the beginning of the year,” reports Ms. Glassman, “and now that she has ‘graduated’ from Mrs. Gaines - she has taken on a love for reading and feels so good about herself that she has improved in all of her academic areas.”


Lately Marlene has been running a computerized intervention pilot program called “Lexia” with selected Linwood E. Howe students. Ms. Burns says: “One of my Lexia students has already moved up 3 levels in phonics… and Marlene presented an award to him in front of the class. Words cannot describe how valuable Marlene is to the students, staff, and principal at Lin Howe.”.

Marlene Gaines

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